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7 Simple Office Spring Cleaning Tips for Chinese New Year 2023

7 Simple Office Spring Cleaning Tips for Chinese New Year 2023

Chinese New Year is one of the celebrations that are intended to be occasions for those who celebrate it from all around the world to come together and rejoice. There are a few things you should do if you want to have the finest start to the new year. Being organized and clean is one of the most important things to focus on when it comes to bringing the “feel good” element into your life throughout the holiday season.

Cleaning up your home and office is believed to offer you more joy and riches, but it must be done before the Chinese New Year, not on the first and second days. Here are the 7 easy office spring cleaning tips for this Chinese New Year:

7 Simple Office Spring Cleaning Tips for Chinese New Year 2022

1. Ensure your keyboard is clean

During routine office cleaning, the computer monitor constantly overshadows the keyboard. The keyboard appears to be too tiny for you to notice. That is why you prefer to use a single wiping motion and concentrate on bigger areas of the computer.

To ensure a thorough CNY cleaning of your office, treat your keyboard like a king. Apart from dusting the surface of the keycaps, you’re set to go. Shake the keyboard by turning it upside down. The dirt and food lodged beneath the keycaps will fall out this way. Furthermore, because the keyboard stores a wide variety of microorganisms, it must be completely disinfected.

2. Clean the leaves of the plant

Plants are excellent workplace decorations. When they’re dirty, though, they don’t enhance the office atmosphere or appearance. To eliminate all of the dust that has accumulated on the plant leaves, you must wipe them off.

Given the vast number of leaves, the work may be tiresome and time-consuming, but it must be completed. Not only will you improve the appearance of the workplace, but it will also allow the plants to absorb sunlight.

3. Wipe the light fixtures

Many individuals skip wiping light fixtures as part of their normal cleaning routine. For one thing, they’re up there on the high ceiling, where no one can see them. Aside from that, it is difficult to approach them. You must pull up a chair in order to clean them thoroughly.

You don’t have to worry about these minor details when cleaning for the Chinese New Year. Simply grab a moist towel, climb into a chair, and wipe the dust away. This is a decent step toward completely cleaning your working area.

4. Clean the folders and books

Any workplace is packed with files, folders, and books. Perhaps this is why people delay cleaning them when they become dusty. CNY office spring cleaning is the ideal time to put away any excuses and get to work. All you need to do is connect the narrow attachment to the vacuum and thoroughly clean books and folders.

5. OrganiSe your desk drawer

Your desk drawer is packed with both helpful and unnecessary items. While some of the goods you store in it are essential, some should be discarded. Take your time sorting through your drawer. Take a look at each item and determine if it is valuable or not.

You should take everything out of the drawer before you begin categorizing it. You must do it because you must empty the drawer in order to clean it.

Cleaning Tips for Chinese New Year 2023

6. Clean the workplace desk and phone

Bacteria are growing on the desk and phone on a daily basis. Wiping the dust away with a moist towel is insufficient. Bacteria are not killed by water or rubbing. That should motivate you to choose a stronger weapon. The only method to defeat unwanted germs and diseases is through disinfection.

7. Carry out digital cleaning

Deep office cleaning entails cleaning not just the physical files on the shelf, but also the digital ones. You must organize your computer files and get rid of all unnecessary items. It’s the same as tossing away empty cream bottles and outdated clothing. In this way, you clear the way for good fortune to enter and bless your office.

Purification for the Chinese New Year entails more than just big cleaning tasks like floor scrubbing, window cleaning, and furniture dusting. It’s also important to pay attention to minor things. If you spring clean your office in preparation for Chinese New Year, you should clean your keyboard, plant leaves, and light fixtures.

You don’t even have to think about sweeping the books or sanitizing the desk and phone. Decluttering and organizing are also essential. You should do it with your desk drawer as well as your digital files.