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F&B premises, along with food handlers, are expected to hold higher standards for hygiene. Patrons need to know that the kitchens are clean and hygienic, and that the food is safe for consumption. We specialise in overall kitchen degreasing, sanitising equipment and utensils, as well as cleaning and upkeeping each area within the outlet, so that customers are happy to grab their daily cuppa before they head back to the grind, or sit down for dinner on date nights.


Cafe and Restaurant environments have the highest demands on hygiene. People who are part of corporate engagement need to know that they are fundamentally clean, safe and protected in these dining spaces.

As the leading provider in commercial cleaning services, we can understand your needs and expectations to design a personalised kitchen detail cleaning plan for you. By doing so, we empower your processes through our expertise to ensure the safety and well-being of your cafe and restaurant. Together, we can build a clean environment that allows for the best user experience.



We adopt a holistic approach to workplace hygience management with a 5-step framework to ensure a high level of Quality, Service, and Cleanliness standard (QSC).


Our hygiene management teams follow strict standard operating procedures to ensure maximum effectiveness and the highest standard of quality cleaning.


We adopt strict quality controls such as implementing hygiene protocols such as colour-coded cleaning towels to eliminate cross contamination.

Highly Trained Staff

All cleaning staff undergo a comprehensive training programme to equip them with the skills and procedural knowledge to manage workplace hygiene.

Customised PlanS

As each client's specifications and requirements are unique, we plan and deliver integrated cleaning solutions that are best-suited to individual organisational needs.

No Admin FEES

We are upfront and transparent with the fees of our customised plans and there are no administrative fees or hidden costs for our hygiene management services.


Stanley Phua

Was going to have an event on the Friday and needed cleaning to the office, started talking to Esther on Wednesday evening, explaining that we needed a quick turn around for cleaning our office. Despite the last minute request, she immediately settled everything for me and went through what will be done and immediately gave me a timing on Thursday to ensure that our office was sparkling clean before our event. When they came over to start cleaning, i didn't expect them to be so thorough and detailed in their cleaning, it seriously amazed me with how much they did in such a short period of time, they were super efficient and down to detail with what was requested. Will definitely recommend them for any cleaning enquiries 🙂

Yang Xiaoli

Chanced upon this company on a Saturday and was surprised that the company is contactable almost round the clock. Truly blessed to have found this company. Esther and Clara who made arrangements for my bookings were very assuring throughout my interactions with them. And detailed in sharing the info on the services that i was looking for. They are willing to help where they can given the circumstances. On the day of the cleaning, the personnel were on time and assuring as well.

Mui Ling

Engaged them for Disinfection cleaning for my construction site twice, their service is great! Response very fast for job arrangement / urgent service & provide reports very fast even after office hours! All the people attitude is good too! Most important is their price is reasonable with professional Disinfect service!

Shawn Teo

Cleaning and fogging disinfection was done very professionally. The business was very responsive and customer-friendly. Really appreciate the help of Clara who showed great care and responsibility to ensure everything went smoothly.

Francois Z

My office has engaged HCH for our office cleaning and disinfection, we are very satisfied with their work. They are very professional and the workers are quick and detailed in their work. Strongly recommend them should anyone needs cleaning services.

Travis Eswaran

Our office engaged hchcleaning for carpet cleaning, high dusting and disinfecting. They have been very responsive and professional.

Jim Kee

Esther was very responsive, friendly, helpful and professional. Pricing very reasonable. She’s punctual and delivers on her promise on advice and service.

Clara Wong

We did the disinfecting service, the teams arrived on time and very professional at their jobs. I'm very satisfied with their service. 👍👍


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As a top 10 cleaning company in Singapore, we have completed hundreds of successful projects for offices, industrial warehouses and commercial properties.


Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

Restaurant cleaning is the procedure of cleaning a restaurant to get rid of dust, filth, allergens, unsafe germs, viruses, and other contaminants that might cause illness or contribute to disease transmission.

A clean restaurant has an important role in providing a warm and welcoming environment that draws customers and encourages them to come again. Unclean tables, crumbs on the floor, or dusty furniture can all draw customers away from the restaurant’s surroundings and drive them to the next-best cafe.

Restaurant hygiene aids in the prevention of both food-borne and non-food-borne infections. It also aids with the prevention of unwanted pests, which are drawn to filthy environments. Regular cleaning and the use of suitable products will help guarantee that you adhere to health department regulations.

Cleaning and sanitizing kitchen equipment and surfaces removes harmful microorganisms, lowering the risk of foodborne diseases and cross-contamination. This ensures the prepared food’s safety.

Degreasing is an essential step that eliminates dirt, grit, scale, corrosion, oil, grease, and other substances from system hardware parts prior to any precision-cleaning process such as passivation. Degreasers come in a variety of forms, including solvents and aqueous-based cleansers.

A deep cleaning regimen will help establish and maintain sanitary, safe food preparation at your restaurant. While it is recommended to do a deep clean every six months, it is good to do the cleaning every three months for more protection for your restaurant.