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hCH Cleaning Services Pte Ltd is a Singapore commercial cleaning services firm that specialises in industrial properties such as warehouses and factories.

Due to the size of commercial warehouses, warehouse cleaning can be a challenging task. Warehouses can easily become dirty and disorderly if they are not frequently maintained, which can obstruct daily operation and increase dangers and operating expenses. A well-kept warehouse can increase productivity, enhance accuracy, and increase employee satisfaction.


With the long awaited return of DORSCON Green, shopping centres are bustling with activity. with so much human traffic in every corner, it goes without saying that the facility management has to pay special attention to the mall’s upkeep and hygiene. This task has become even more pressing as individuals are no longer required to wear masks. Our well-trained staff help to maintain the appeal of your shopping mall, while keeping it safe and healthy.

Our Quality Approach


We adopt a holistic approach to workplace hygience management with a 5-step framework to ensure a high level of Quality, Service, and Cleanliness standard (QSC).


Our hygiene management teams follow strict standard operating procedures to ensure maximum effectiveness and the highest standard of quality cleaning.


We adopt strict quality controls such as implementing hygiene protocols such as colour-coded cleaning towels to eliminate cross contamination.


All that exercise imminently results in one thing: perspiration. From the yoga mats to weights machines, each piece of equipment is a potential breeding ground for harmful germs and bad odour, if not carefully sanitised. Our gym cleaning services will set the proper standards for hygiene, so that gym goers are at ease for an enjoyable workout session.

Childcare Center


Children learn best when they are interacting with all their senses – this means it is second nature for them to be in contact with surfaces and fiddle with all objects they can find. If you run a childcare centre, you’ll know it’s impossible to stop them. With our childcare centre cleaning, it is possible to ensure that high touchpoints are sterilised and stringent hygiene standards are put in place to keep them safe while learning.


A neat, clean and tidy shopfront is as important as good merchandise when it comes to making sales. No shopper enjoys a dirty window when they’re browsing, or peering through a smudged display window. Our retail window cleaning services can be customised to you, keeping your windows spick and span, void from fingerprints.


Highly Trained Staff

All cleaning staff undergo a comprehensive training programme to equip them with the skills and procedural knowledge to manage workplace hygiene.

Customised PlanS

As each client's specifications and requirements are unique, we plan and deliver integrated cleaning solutions that are best-suited to individual organisational needs.

No Admin FEES

We are upfront and transparent with the fees of our customised plans and there are no administrative fees or hidden costs for our hygiene management services.


Stanley Phua

Was going to have an event on the Friday and needed cleaning to the office, started talking to Esther on Wednesday evening, explaining that we needed a quick turn around for cleaning our office. Despite the last minute request, she immediately settled everything for me and went through what will be done and immediately gave me a timing on Thursday to ensure that our office was sparkling clean before our event. When they came over to start cleaning, i didn't expect them to be so thorough and detailed in their cleaning, it seriously amazed me with how much they did in such a short period of time, they were super efficient and down to detail with what was requested. Will definitely recommend them for any cleaning enquiries 🙂

Yang Xiaoli

Chanced upon this company on a Saturday and was surprised that the company is contactable almost round the clock. Truly blessed to have found this company. Esther and Clara who made arrangements for my bookings were very assuring throughout my interactions with them. And detailed in sharing the info on the services that i was looking for. They are willing to help where they can given the circumstances. On the day of the cleaning, the personnel were on time and assuring as well.

Mui Ling

Engaged them for Disinfection cleaning for my construction site twice, their service is great! Response very fast for job arrangement / urgent service & provide reports very fast even after office hours! All the people attitude is good too! Most important is their price is reasonable with professional Disinfect service!

Shawn Teo

Cleaning and fogging disinfection was done very professionally. The business was very responsive and customer-friendly. Really appreciate the help of Clara who showed great care and responsibility to ensure everything went smoothly.

Francois Z

My office has engaged HCH for our office cleaning and disinfection, we are very satisfied with their work. They are very professional and the workers are quick and detailed in their work. Strongly recommend them should anyone needs cleaning services.

Travis Eswaran

Our office engaged hchcleaning for carpet cleaning, high dusting and disinfecting. They have been very responsive and professional.

Jim Kee

Esther was very responsive, friendly, helpful and professional. Pricing very reasonable. She’s punctual and delivers on her promise on advice and service.

Clara Wong

We did the disinfecting service, the teams arrived on time and very professional at their jobs. I'm very satisfied with their service. 👍👍


Brands We Have Worked With

As a top 10 cleaning company in Singapore, we have completed hundreds of successful projects for offices, industrial warehouses and commercial properties.


Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

Commercial cleaning is cleaning done by professional cleaners employed by a company or organization. Hotels, businesses, and recreation centre, for example, are likely to engage commercial cleaners to keep their premises sanitized and clean.

Because there are several forms of commercial cleaning, commercial cleaners may cater to specific businesses in some circumstances. Commercial cleaning services include warehouse cleaning, hotel cleaning, office cleaning, shopping mall cleaning, gym and fitness facility cleaning, childcare centre cleaning, retail window shop cleaning, and many more.

Commercial cleaning services provide the proper equipment and knowledge to clean your building quickly and efficiently. They utilize innovative cleaning methods and equipment to effectively clean your premises.

Any experienced business cleaning firm will have high safety standards and a thorough understanding of safe working practices. This involves cleaning crew training, on-site material and equipment use, and a grasp of constraints and what cleaning staff are expected to accomplish.

The cleaning of a warehouse starts off with a visual inspection to determine the most thorough cleaning strategy. The team of cleaners will try to create a positive atmosphere by removing germs, filth, trash, grime, dust, spills, and stains, as well as potentially improving air quality.

When selecting a commercial cleaning company, keep the following criteria in mind: a skilled and qualified staff, professionalism, flexibility in scheduling, steadfast reliability, a regular cleaning routine, outstanding service, stringent sanitation practices, and having access to suitable equipment and cleaning products. These factors will assist you in finding a business that maintains a continuously clean and hygienic atmosphere while going above and beyond to fulfil your cleaning requirements.