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The Importance of High Dusting

The Importance of High Dusting

No matter how hard you work to keep your building in tip-top shape, you need to remember that dirt, dust and harmful debris can accumulate in the ceiling and high places inside your facility, creating health hazards and causing an unsightly buildup that must be cleaned with special equipment by experts.

That dirt and grime is hiding way up high in hard-to-reach and hard-to-see places and spaces. High dusting is the solution to removing this debris from your property. The best removal plan begins at the top.

Importance of High Dusting

High dusting is the process of cleaning difficult to reach spots, to remove bacteria, dust and dirt build up. The reason it is called high dusting is because the areas that are being cleaned (air vents, ceilings and piping) are usually over 16 feet high. You will find high dusting most often used in large buildings such as hospitals, restaurants, offices and retail establishments.

At these sites, high dusting requires the use of a professional cleaning team on a regular basis. Dust can affect machinery and various large industrial ducts, so an experienced team of cleaners is required to make sure the job is completed to OSHA specifications.

Professionals use ladders and lifts to reach high ceilings and walls, and often have special rappel systems to access even higher ceilings with ropes and safety harnesses.

While they are up there they can vacuum and wipe lights, rafters, ceiling pipes, structural beams, heating and cooling ducts and vents, get black dust out of your HVAC vents, clean the inside of high intensity light fixtures and ceiling fans, and remove those dead bugs and cobwebs! You’ll want them to clean the lenses of all your security cameras, too.


There are so many obvious reasons that you need to keep your high areas and ceilings as clean as possible. Can you imagine if something dropped from above in a restaurant or hospital? You know there would be serious repercussions for an incident like that.

I’m sure if you own a retail store or movie theatre, the last thing you would want is dust or dead bugs falling on the heads of your unsuspecting customers! That might be the last time that patron ever visits your establishment again.

For many people, their workplace is their second home. Think about how much time we spend at our place of business every day. Periodic high dusting improves your building’s appearance and air quality, and there are many benefits of regular high dusting.

Dust accumulates so quickly that it can cause allergy problems, infections and even the flu. Germs are easily transmitted along with dust particles that float in the air and land on all types of surfaces.

High dusting removes dirt, dust and allergens, reduces rodent and insect activity and improves indoor air quality, which reduces employee illness and allergies, and enhances the appearance of your building, making a healthier and happier environment for everyone involved.