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What Is the Importance of Office Cleaning Services?

What Is the Importance of Office Cleaning Services?

Many industries have been forced to change their operations to home-based practice because of the rapid increase in COVID-19 instances among the Singapore workforce. However, for certain people who work in critical services, their presence at work is necessary to keep the service running.

This is where things become rough, as daily reports of COVID-19 clusters reveal that the majority of cases occur at work, the one area where many assumed the coronavirus would be absent. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case because the virus doesn’t discriminate based on location, age, or other factors.

What Is the Importance of Office Cleaning Services

Although the government has repeatedly recommended people to avoid the 3Cs – closed, crowded, and close contact settings – such advice may not be enough to prevent infectious disease spread, particularly in the workplace.

Regular office sanitization, on the other hand, can help to prevent or delay the spread of infectious diseases and act as a precautionary strategy. We’ll go through some of the most common spots that need disinfecting, as well as how offices can sterilize and disinfect their environment, ahead.

Common Office Sanitation Locations

When it comes to the workplace, it’s critical that you clean and sanitizes the environment regularly. As a result, you and your staff will be less likely to get an infectious disease.

The following are some of the areas that need to be cleaned and disinfected:

  • Surfaces that are sensitive to touch, such as office phones, sinks, faucets, doorknobs, switches, work desks, seats, remote controls, handles, elevator buttons, and so on.
  • Electronics and equipment that are shared, such as the printer, keyboard, touch screens, and so on.

You might be asking why the office needs to be sanitized regularly. Because the coronavirus is transferred by respiratory droplets, which are distributed when an infected individual coughs, sneezes, or spits, this is the case.

While the virus is extremely frail, reports indicate that it can live for minutes to hours on hard surfaces, both porous and non-porous, increasing the risk of infection at your job. Regular office sanitization, on the other hand, can simply destroy the virus.

Sanitation Methods for the Office

You may disinfect your office in a variety of methods to guarantee a safe working environment. The following are a few examples:

  • Know your chemistry – Because there are so many different cleaning and disinfection products on the market, you’ll have to choose one based on its effectiveness and safety.
  • Wear disposable gloves — Wear disposable gloves during the cleaning and disinfecting procedure to avoid contact with high-touch surfaces and to protect your skin from harsh chemicals.
  • Use a one-way wipe down — Instead of wiping surfaces circularly, wipe them down in one direction to prevent germs from being re-deposited.
  • Provide signage — throughout the company to encourage your employees to always practice proper hygiene habits to keep everyone safe.

Hire Professional Office Cleaning Service

Cleaning and disinfecting the workplace thoroughly necessitates a complete understanding of contemporary hygiene ideas as well as attention to areas that are sometimes disregarded. This is when hCH, a professional office sanitizing service, comes in. Here are three reasons why you should employ us to clean your office.

  • Professional cleaners – They’ve been trained to clean, dust, and sterilize your office to make it a safe and healthy place to work.
  • Bring their supplies — You may have dish soap and glass cleaner on hand, but that won’t suffice to clean your office. Professionals, on the other hand, will bring their supplies to ensure a clean working atmosphere for you.
  • Time is precious – Cleaning responsibilities should not be delegated to your employees because it will cost you time, money, and productivity. Also, because they were recruited to work, not clean the office, it may dampen office morale. Instead, hire a cleaning service and let your personnel focus on what they do best.

If you’re looking for a sanitizing service for your office, hCH’s team of experts can help you.